Have you got clothing that's been hidden for years? Give it a new life by changing the neck or hemline, or adding glitz. Hey presto - a brand new outfit at half the price!

A stitch in time saves nine

Have you ever bought new clothing, and it just doesn't fit right? It seems that a size 12 in one shop can be a size 10 in another. It's just not fair.


Don't panic. There's no need to take it back, or throw it away. No need to get out the sewing needle. Our expert alterations service will make it the perfect fit for you.

At Logogogo Custom Wear we put the customer first. We listen to exactly what you want, and then our experts get to work and we deliver it! We can also embroider for you.

Spruce up your wardrobe



Give your clothing the kiss of life!

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