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You rate value for money as important. So do we. That's why we offer two load sizes, and both offer incredible value for money. It's as cheap as doing it yourself!


If your lifestyle is just too hectic, relax and let us take some of the burden from you. We can also iron your clothing for the complete time saving package.

No need to wait, simply drop and go

You don't have to hang around at a launderette watching your clothing spin around. Simply drop your clothing at Pick Up and Press and collect it after we've done the work for you.


There is nothing more personal than your clothing. We never wash your order together with somebody else's items.


We also offer a professional ironing service. Just drop your load of ironing off at Pick Up and Press, and when you return, your ironing is done! We love ironing! We've been doing it for over 10 years. You won't find anyone to do a better job at our amazing prices. A week's ironing can cost less than a takeaway!


Laundry services - you won't believe the value


Time saving laundry and ironing services.

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01633 816 121

We see no need to complicate things for the sake of it. There is no need for you to sort your ironing into adults and children's, or formal and casual, or household and clothing. Ironing is ironing no matter what it is... so simply put it into a black bag or laundry basket and leave it with us.


You can just drop your ironing off and we'll do the rest or if you are struggling to get to us, we can collect it for you and bring it back to you! A minimum order of £15 applies with our collection and delivery service.

Ironing services - making your life easier

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